Abdul Latif Jameel for Oils


What is the type of oil used for sedans?

All Toyota oils can be used, the silver bottle, however; is dedicated entirely to Toyota SUVs.

What type of oil can be used for SUVs?

It is preferred that you use the “Toyota silver oil” that was made specifically for 4×4 vehicles.

What is the oil viscosity for the car?

You can refer to your vehicle owner’s manual to determine the appropriate degree of viscosity.

When do I change my car's oil and filter?

Oil change is determined based on your car’s use, for more precise information; you can always go back to your car’s manual.

What is the best way to change oil and filter?

The best way is to do a monthly check or after every 5000 km; and this is especially for cars that has been used on a daily basis or for long trips. Cars that have been parked for a while must be checked before its being used again.

What is Toyota's gold and black oil?

The Toyota’s original oil in the gold and black container has a viscosity degree of 20w-50.

What is Toyota Silver Oil?

The Toyota “4×4 silver” is specifically used for SUVs and has a 15w-40 viscosity. The difference between it and the original Toyota oil is that the SUV silver is lighter in its viscosity for better engine quality.

What is Toyota Blue Oil?

The blue semi-synthetic oil has a viscosity of 10W-40. The difference between the blue oil, the SUV oil, and the original Toyota oil lies in its extra cohesive particles which is guaranteed for better engine performance, specifically in harsh climatic conditions.

What is Toyota Golden Oil?

The golden oil is fully synthetic and is considered the best of Toyota oil, due to its viscosity of 5W-40, and extra cohesive molecules.

What is the appropriate degree of viscosity for oil?

To find out the appropriate viscosity, you can refer to the owner’s manual for your car.

What does the numbers that reflect the degree of viscosity exactly mean?

These numbers refer to the degree of oil viscosity. To choose the most suitable oil for your car, please refer to the owner’s manual.

What is the appropriate viscosity for the Saudi climate?

For areas with a temperature above 40°C as in Saudi Arabia, the following grades are preferred: 20W-50 – 15W-40 – 10W-40 – 5W-40.

When is the 5w-30 oil grade used?

The 5w-30 is used to give high viscosity and it’s lighter compared to other Toyota oils. It’s also used for Lexus vehicles and high-performance engines.

What is the time to change the oil?

The oil change process depends on the use of your car. Kindly refer to the owner’s manual to confirm the exact time.

What is the required distance to change the oil?

You cannot depend on the km’s alone; every person has a different way of driving, in addition to other factors that affect the motor as well.

What is the product number and the appropriate caliber of the car?

The product number and the appropriate caliber of your car are found in the Owner’s Manual, please refer to it to gain the needed information.

What is synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is synthetic non-metallic oil.

What is the difference between synthetic and semi-synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil Synthesis molecules are more cohesive than oil-like synthetics.

Is 4X4 oil synthetic or semi-synthetic?

The four-wheel drive oil is fully mineral; with more cohesive particles and that’s for a full protection of your engine.

What is the difference between the blue and golden container?

The oil molecules in the golden container are more cohesive than the blue one, which gives better performance to the engine. The blue oil is also semi-synthetic, and the golden oil is fully synthetic.

What are mineral oils?

Mineral oils are regular oil and the four-wheel oil.

Why does oil become black?

One of the functions of car oils is to clean the engine out of impurities, therefore it’s natural that the oil color turns black.

When will the oil filter change?

To keep your engine safe, the filter is changed with the oil.

What is the price of the oil filter?

Hello dear, kindly visit your nearest maintenance branch for pricing details.

What is the best oil for a diesel engine?

Toyota has oil for diesel engines and is used in all maintenance at our branches ,Toyota Abdullatif Jameel.

What is the oil used for maintenance?

The oils used are the semi-synthetic oil 10w40 (blue container), and the fully synthetic 5w-30 Lexus oil.

What is the oil type for non-Toyota cars?

Toyota Oils are dedicated to Toyota cars and can be used for all car types. You can refer to your car owner’s manual to see the appropriate degree of viscosity required for your engine.

What is the type of oil for Lexus?

We recommend using the Lexus oil 5w30 – fully synthetic. Thank you for your contact.

What are the places of purchase for Toyota oils?

You can get the original Toyota oil from any Toyota parts department approved.

What is the price of liter?

The price of a liter varies from one oil type to another. Kindly refer to your nearest maintenance branch to inform you of the exact prices.

What is the price of the box?

Please visit the nearest maintenance center and spare parts for prices.

What is the difference between traditional and original oil?

All Toyota oils are genuine, and you can get them through Toyota maintenance centers and certified parts to ensure that.

Are Toyota Oils original and approved?

All our oils are original and approved by the official authorities. To ensure this, you can purchase our products from Toyota approved centers.

Who are oil agents outside Saudi Arabia?

Distributions happen within Saudi Arabia only and are within agents and authorized distributors.

What is the country of origin for manufacturing toyota oils?

Toyota oils are manufactured in our factories in KSA, except for the blue oil which is manufactured in UAE.

What is the factory for Toyota oil?

The factory is located in the city of Jeddah and manufactures all the oils except the semi-synthetic oil which is manufactured in Dubai under the supervision of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Where is the blue oil factory ?

The blue oil factory is located in the UAE and fully licensed by Toyota Japan.

What is the appropriate oil for the Lexus?

We advise the use of this oil “5w40” which is fully synthetic. Thank you for your inquiry.