Abdul Latif Jameel for Oils


About Us

Since 1945, when the Abdul Latif Jameel story began, our ‘guest-first’ philosophy has been a central pillar of our mission to build the Middle East’s most successful transportation business.

For more than 75 years, Abdul Latif Jameel has been the official distributor of Toyota Motor Corporation products in Saudi Arabia, and today we are recognized as one of the world’s leading independent Toyota distributors. It is this decades-long experience and expertise we have nurtured along the way that enables us to deliver the very best in customer care for you, and your vehicle.

Abdul Latif Jameel for Oils Company Ltd (ALJOC) first introduced Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) in Saudi Arabia in 1988. TGMO is a crucial component of any Toyota, Lexus, and Hyundai vehicle’s longevity and well-being, and today we sell more than 24+ million liters of oil each year across Saudi Arabia, making it the third-largest global market behind only Japan and the United States of America.

Through the Abdul Latif Jameel network of Toyota and Lexus showrooms, we provide the right oil needed to ensure your cars and light-duty trucks receive the best possible care and protection for the demanding driving conditions of modern driving and the sometimes-harsh climate where they operate, and our authorized reseller network builds on that service, taking Toyota Genuine Motor Oil to an ever-growing customer base across the country.

Each Toyota Genuine Motor Oil product has been specifically formulated with Toyota vehicles in mind, protecting engines against the stresses and strains of driving in the region’s hot, dry conditions. Our range includes Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 15W-40 4×4 Oil, Toyota Genuine Motor Oil Semi Synthetic SM/CF 10W-40, and Lexus Motor Oil 5W-30 Fully Synthetic, 20W-50 SL,10W-30 SL, 0W-20 Hybrid oil, 20W-50 diesel oil,15W-40 diesel oil,5W-30 SN, 0W-16 SP,10W-30 SN,5W-30 SN PLUS and 20W-50 SN.

ALJOC launched the Hyundai XTeer brand as one of its oil and lubricant brands. This journey began in early 2020, and today in 2023, Hyundai XTeer has expanded its product portfolio and locations in Saudi Arabia. The brand occupies a good position and is therefore one of the most premium brands in the automotive and industrial lubricants ­elds. Our range includes Hyundai Genuine Motor 5W-30 SN oil, TOP 5W-40 SN\CF, 10W-30 SL, 10W-40 SN, 15W-40 SL, 20W-50 SL, ATF3 , ATF CVT, ATF SP4, HD ULTRA 10W-40 CJ-4\SL.