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Essential Steps for a Long-Lasting Engine

When buying a new car, be aware of your engine’s preferred oil type and the best procedures to protect its parts from outside forces that can harm it.

The right oil for the right car:

Knowing the right oil for your car engine is a simple matter. All you have to do is read the car manual to find the proper oil used. Always make sure to use the certified type that maintains protection from impurities and has the viscosity that fits your environment.

The right time to change your oil:

The perfect time to change your engine oil differs depending on your car mileage. You must check your oil levels and impurities first. When the oil signal lights up, it’s crucial you make your way to your nearest workshop to change your engine oil.

Changing your engine oil in the summer:

Engines get affected in high temperatures. Using the right type of oil helps protect your engines parts from oxidizing. Check your oil levels periodically and make sure the sun is not directly beaming on the car when it is parked.

How to check engine oil levels:

Turn off your car and leave it to cool off for 5 minutes. Pull the lever that covers the measuring stick then wipe it with a paper towel and put it back in, then pull the lever again and look for the marks, the oil level should be between them.

In case there isn‘t a sign that the engine is dry, or in case it is under the sign. Then add a small amount to reach the level needed or visit the nearest car workshop for a professional opinion.

Your knowledge about these specific details support protecting your car engine and makes it last longer. 



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