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Newsletter 2021

I am very happy to share and celebrate our great achievements during H2021 ‘1 with all of you.

We have faced some of the most challenging times of our lifetime owing to the global turbulence over the past year and a half. I would like to start by thanking you all for your courage, responsibility, and commitment. You continue to stand firm against an unprecedented set of challenges, and collaboratively drive sustained growth and development for our organization. Your dedication, commitment and zeal to succeed against all odds makes the difference.

Comparing our achievements this year to the start of the pandemic – a period underlined by widespread uncertainty and volatility – it’s clear that we have made great strides towards recovery. We leveraged the disruption, fostering an environment that championed innovation and calculated risk-taking in order to remain an industry leader. Such achievements are the embodiment of the values and ethos that define our organization.

I am extremely proud and continue to be inspired by the way our organization has risen to this challenge with a collective flexibility, resilience, and poise. I also want to take this opportunity to thank your families and loved ones who are the driving force behind the great performance exhibited by each one of you. I encourage you cultivate this positive energy every day, and I wish you and your families continued good health, happiness, and prosperity. It’s been an honor to be part of this Abdul Latif Jameel for Oils family.

Purple Saturday:

This is one of the most important days in the calendar that focuses on the appreciation for people with disabilities and their contribution to our society, by making an impact on this day and the future, it can certainly raise the awareness of the society on the disabilities and promote equality.

#PurpleSaturday aims to raise awareness of the value and needs of customers with disabilities. It’s about making the customer experience accessible. Participating organizations make commitments (new activity or business) to ensure sustainable change is achieved. Which increases the products and services fitting their needs and provide in the market.

CarHub has decided to demonstrate significant corporate social responsibility and make a significant impact; with providing each user with a promotional code of 50 SAR points on all its services during this day.

Risk Management Training:

During the pandemic, because we are keen to support our employees and believe in the importance of effective communication with our team, a training course was organized by the Chief Financial Officer, Yahia Kafi, in favor of our context called: (Culture of Risk Taking), which nearly 100 employees have benefited from all that experience. The topic of the course was chosen to keep up with the prominent events at that time; to encourage employees to take the risks according to a well-thought-out methodology, to seek and underline objective, and to ensure continuity between three elements; work, high efficiency, and flexibility.

The course highlights the importance of adopting a culture of risk-taking at the environmental work to motivate employees to obtain new skills, develop their strengths, and expand their creative thinking skills. It also contributes effectively to increase confidence on the entire team.

This training course has made a great key positive reflection in expanding the employees’ professional experiences and contributed to push the team to move forward hand in hand to the top. We will always strive to be the safest environment on which enhances the capabilities of our employees and encourage them to take risks for the sake of sustainable growth and future development.

Abdul Latif Jameel for Oils Company launched the Hyundai XTeer brand as one of its oil and lubricant brands. This journey began in early 2020, and today in the 2021, Hyundai XTeer has expanded its product portfolio and locations in Saudi Arabia.

The brand occupies a good position and is therefore one of the most premium brands in the automotive and industrial lubricants fields.

Toyota Chemicals:

Abdul Latif Jameel for Oils Co. is one of the most selling in the Arab world, especially in the Saudi Arabian market. Engine oil has long been the core of its business. Its characteristic is to provide a great engine oil and a significant impact on engine performance. These oils are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards and international specifications. These oils can ideally protect the engine components of automobiles and are used to cool the engine to achieve smooth and safe operation and a great driving experience.

ALJOC has launched three high-quality products with special specifications

First, Toyota Super Windshield Washer Fluid 1 Liter, this is an effective liquid that can dissolve and clean the dirt and oil residue on the windshield without damaging other elements such as plastic, metal, and paint.

Second, Toyota Brake and Clutch Cleaner It is an ideal oil for cleaning and degreasing brakes and transmission parts. It is also effective to remove coarse grease from the joints before the new lubrication process.

Finally, Toyota DOT3 brake fluid. Fluid developed for braking and hydraulic clutch systems, used in brake master cylinders, clutches and anti-lock braking systems.

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