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Safe Driving Around an Ambulance

The efficiency & capability driving techniques required the ability to face an unusual situation, like hearing an ambulance alarm from a distance. In such cases, it is important to follow the below steps.

“Don’t panic” should be the first phrase that comes to your mind. Think about your next steps and go about them in a calm manner. First, understand your surroundings to make sure you’re getting out of the way without causing more traffic whilst keeping everyone safe.

So what’s the right thing to do when you hear the ambulance alarm?

-Give the ambulance vehicle space to maneuver without stopping in its way or trying to out speed it.

  • Make sure to lower your speed rate to the minimum rate allowed on the road.
  • Look at the rearview mirror for cars coming from behind.
  • Give a signal to everyone behind you to inform them that you’re switching lanes. 
  • Drive on the far-right lane to leave more space on the road.

And remember to be patient until the ambulance vehicle drives off, then go back to your original lane without causing stress for other drivers who are not experienced in these situations, and most importantly don’t drive behind the ambulance so you don’t cause more traffic.

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