Abdul Latif Jameel for Oils

Saudi National Day

The campaign of the Saudi National Day was launched on 23 September 2023. the main objectives of the campaign were to participate in such an important national event, engage with the audience as well as increase TGMO’s brand equity using the hype of the above activities we announced an engagement challenge; asking the users to share videos and pictures of their own car odometers, creating an interactive and exciting experience while highlighting the performance and longevity of our oils,

We published our main video (SND theme) that talked about the beauty of different regions on KSA and linked it with the persona of a traveler person using the hashtag [ your trips in Saudi Arabia never ends | مشوارك فيها ما يوقف] by the end of the campaign, we achieved around 19,420,102 impressions on social media only.

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