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Toyota Genuine Product

Brake Cleaner

Available Packages

12 x 500ml


TOYOTA GENUINE BRAKE CLEANER is a multipurpose, solvent-based product, formulated for the removal of grease, oil, and dirt. The cleaner is free of halogenated hydrocarbons. TOYOTA GENUINE BRAKE CLEANER is available in aerosol cans, using carbon dioxide as a propellant. Typical applications include cleaning of brake & clutches, and transmissions. It also removes adhesive and sealant residues from motor, carburetor, and transmission flanges prior to the application of new sealant. The cleaner can also be used to remove hardened grease from hinges and joints prior to renewed greasing.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy application from an aerosol can
  • Does not contain CFC


Brake and Clutch cleaner for multipurpose application.

TOYOTA GENUINE BRAKE CLEANER is applied from the handy aerosol can. The parts to be cleaned are thoroughly soaked with TOYOTA GENUINE BRAKE CLEANER, and the excess is allowed to drip off. The fast-evaporating solvent and the pressure of the spray jet lead to a combined chemical and mechanical cleaning. Avoid excessive application to painted areas, plastics, and rubber. Do not spray on brake hoses.