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Toyota Genuine Coolant

Pre-Mixed Long-Life Coolant

Available Packages

4 x 3.785 L


Reduce the chances of engine overheat and significant repair costs in petrol or diesel vehicles with Toyota Pre-Mixed Long-Life Coolant

Features & Benefits

  • Sustained prevention of rust and corrosion

 This Genuine TOYOTA Pre-mixed Long-Life Coolant contains highly-heat-resistant, long-life additives that promote powerful resistance to corrosion and rust for all cooling system components.

  • Prevents overheating and freezing in cooling system.

Engineering to provide complete performance that can withstand the hot summers and cold winters.

  • Excellent cavitation prevention

With special additives blended in, this coolant suppresses cavitation damage to the engine components or water pump that might otherwise cause vehicle failure.

  • Significant prevention of scale-forming

 Good quality water and special additives are used to prevent the generation of water-clogging scales in the cooling system and reduce overheating of key components.


Toyota Pre-Mixed Long-Life Coolant provides important protection for a vehicle’s cylinder head and radiator, both of which could be damaged if an owner uses a poor-quality coolant or mixes tap water with a vehicle’s depleted supplies of coolant. Toyota Pre-Mixed Long-Life Coolant comes in a one-gallon bottle and can be used directly (no water needed) in any petrol or diesel Toyota vehicle. Extend the lifespan of your car or light-duty truck with this simple addition and discover why so many industry professionals have no hesitation in using Toyota Pre-Mixed Long-Life Coolant