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Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil for Toyota 20W-50

Available Packages 4L, 5L

6 x 4 L , 6 x 5 L


Toyota Genuine Motor Oil  provides superior protection to improve engine and oil durability

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce the accumulation of acids and corrosion of engine bearings
  • Prevent wears by protect critical areas of the valve train, piston ring and cylinder liners
  • Keep engine cleaner by preventing oil thickening and formation of deposits


Main Applications:

Severe duty heavy duty diesel engines Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 20W-50 (CI-4) provides demonstrated protection and performance in the latest high power heavy-duty diesel engines from Japanese manufacturers in both on-highway and off-highway applications

High Technology Low Emission Engines:

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 20W-50 (CI-4) is suitable for most modern low emission engines meeting Euro 5, 4, 3, 2, and US 2002 emission requirements.