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Hyundai Xteer Genuine Gear Oil

Synthetic Automatic Transmission ATF CVT

Available Packages

12 x 1 L


Fully synthetic premium XTeer CVTF is designed to meet the service fill use in a wide range of Continuously Variable Transmissions(CVT). It provides excellent driving comfort, all-around lubrication protection, excellent durability and wear control to extend transmission service life. And it is recommended for use in all of the push belt type CVTs and also can be used in chain type CVTs.

Features & Benefits

  • Extended friction durability to provide superior anti-shudder performance and enhanced driving comfort.
  • A well-balanced, high level of both torque capacity and anti-shudder performance to provide:
    • Higher safety factor
    • Longer transmission life
    • Extended service interval
  • Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance for better protection of transmission
  • Enhanced oxidative stability for longer fluid life and extended service interval.
  • Seal compatibility for better leakage prevention.


Fully synthetic fluid for Continuously Variable Transmissions(CVTs). Suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles equipped with CVT gearboxes using either push belt type or chain type design.